How to get around in Botswana


August, 2017

Mobile Safari
Fly-in Safari
Self-drive Safari
Tailor made travel

Once you have decided on Botswana as your safari destination – and trust us, you won’t be disappointed – you have several more decisions to make.

The first one is HOW –  what do we mean by that? Well, there are several options for you to consider but it boils down to how you want to get around and move from place to place.

Fly-in safaris in Botswana are often the only way to reach some of the camps. Many of the camps in private concessions, and indeed some of the camps in the parks such as Chief’s Camp, are only accessible by air. It adds to the romance and adventure, flying in and out in light aircraft, plus you get a different perspective of the beautiful landscape from the air. You will often be flying low enough to spot some of the larger animals. Flying between camps also means you can cover the vast distances between the different areas, maximising on your valuable holiday time.

Sable Alley Camp

Would a mobile safari be something that you might consider? It is a way to keep costs down if you are tied to a budget, but it doesn’t mean you need to slum it – oh no quite the opposite. We’ve already written an article on mobile safaris which you can re-visit here. Don’t think of those large trucks that you see in East Africa, in Botswana these are not allowed into the parks, numbers on a mobile vary but will never be more than 12.

Self-drive holidays are becoming more popular in Botswana, but if you are planning on travelling through the national parks, particularly during rainy season, you do need to have some 4x4 experience. There are no shops en-route through Moremi, Savuti and Chobe so you need to be well-stocked and self-sufficient, a certain degree of planning is required but we can help with that. It will awaken your pioneering spirit and it’s a wonderful way to experience the wilderness. Booking in advance is a must for a self-drive as camp sites are strictly limited and are pre-allocated.

“To travel is to live”
Hans Christian Andersen

Why not combine the above into one itinerary? There’s nothing to stop you doing a mobile safari and then ending your itinerary with a few nights of luxury in a remote lodge, the perfect way to end a trip. An alternative to a self-drive camping holiday is to combine camping with a lodge here and there along the way, a little bit of luxury mixed in with the adventure of camping in the bush. Lodges accessible to self-drives are also limited so you need to get in there early and book! We can tailor make a trip just for you -just give us an idea of what you are looking for and we’ll take it from there.

We’ll add more pointers for planning our Botswana holiday in the weeks to come!