Most of us associate a safari with staying in a tent or an upmarket lodge and seeing wildlife from a 4x4 vehicle or tracking them on foot.  Let’s be honest, we bet staying on a houseboat never even entered your head, and you wouldn’t be alone.

Let us introduce you to life on the water, a few nights on a houseboat will throw a whole different light onto wildlife watching. The Chobe River is the perfect place to enjoy a houseboat safari as your vessel slowly makes its way up or downstream allowing you to explore different vantage points as you enjoy game viewing in comfort.

The Chobe Region and the banks of the river boast huge populations of elephant, it is widely suggested that that this area has more elephant than anywhere else on the African continent. Chobe National Park is also home to leopard, lion, buffalo, hippo and a good variety of antelope and birdlife, so life on the water is never dull, but it does have a wonderful relaxing pace and certain charm about it.


Small tender boats are used for excursions to explore some of the smaller channels and they also make it possible to go ashore and perhaps visit a local village or school, always a rewarding experience.

For those who love fishing, then this is the perfect choice of accommodation, with tigerfish, bream, catfish being your potential catch.


A water safari such as this is a very relaxing way to end your holiday, you can take it easy on board watching the views pass you by. A stay on a houseboat doesn’t mean you have to forego creature comforts either, some vessels, such as the Zambezi Queen have an on-board plunge pool, private balconies and impeccable service.