July, 2018
Meerkats Vultures Zebras Giraffes and more…

Collective Nouns

There are some collective nouns for wild animals that we know all to well. The most obvious that spring to mind are ‘a herd of elephants’ and ‘a pride of lions’, but there are many, many more. We have to admit, some of them are new to us too, but we enjoyed finding out more.

A firm favourite is a mob of meerkats, it fits so well and sums up the dynamics of a family, how they seek dominance and how the little ones are at play. Hippos have two collective nouns, the most commonly used is a ‘pod’ and the other is a ‘raft’ although it’s not a raft I would like to take my chances on.
Sable Alley Camp
A collective noun you are unlikely to use in Botswana, sadly, is a crash of rhinos. If you are lucky enough to see one it will most likely be a solitary animal or at most a mother with a calf. There are rhinos in Botswana, but not many, though on a positive note numbers are on the increase.
Poetry in motion is a tower of giraffes, when they travel together they are sometimes called a journey of giraffes. Their natural elegance is quite captivating, seeing them in large groups is quite something to behold. A group of zebras is referred to as a dazzle, rather apt we think. It can be confusing for the predators to lock-in on an individual, all those stripes moving together in close proximity can be quite ‘dazzling’.
“Look deep into nature and you’ll understand everything better” Albert Einstein
There are plenty more collective nouns for Botswana’s beautiful wildlife, and we’ll bring more to you in the future, but will leave you with the collective nouns for a group of vultures, there are three! When in flight they are a kettle of vultures, when resting they are a committee of vultures and when feeding, they are aptly named a wake of vultures. If there are any others you want to share with us, do let us know.