4 July 2016 – These dynamic and sociable pack animals are endangered and in many places their numbers are in decline, not in the Linyanti region of Botswana though!  Kwando Safaris is lucky to have a pack of 14 at Lagoon and a pack 13 strong at Lebala.  Each year they are monitored with eager anticipation, and at every sighting eager guides and guests look to see if the Alpha female is pregnant, the next step for the dogs is to make a den, a safe haven for the birth of the pups and where they will spend their first weeks.


This year the fantastic news is both packs have dens so pups will hopefully appear above ground in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, guests can spend time at the dens watching and learning about the pack dynamics, these are incredibly intelligent animals led by a dominant pair. They do everything as a group from hunting to caring for the sick and young – it’s a fascinating society.  Great care is taken not to disturb the pack and only two vehicles are allowed at the den at any one time, but having a den at both camp will increase guests’ chances of seeing these magnificent dogs.