More animal facts….


May, 2018


We enjoyed compiling the last list of ‘Animal Facts’ for you. There were so many that we felt we had to follow it up with Part II. So grab a quick cup of tea and read on…..

Did you know….

  • Rhino horn is made of keratin, the same as human finger nails.
  • The ostrich eye is bigger than its brain
  • The temperature of a crocodiles nest determines the gender of the hatchlings.
Sable Alley Camp
  • The Eland is the largest of the antelopes, and very shy.
  • Sadly the pangolin is the most trafficked animal.
  • Meerkats are immune to scorpion venom.
  • Oryx (gemsbok) survive long periods (weeks) without water, getting moisture from certain plants and roots.
  • The Kori Bustard is the heaviest flying bird.
  • Caracals can jump up to 16ft in the air to catch their flying prey.

“To travel, to experience and learn:  that is to live” Tenzing Norgay

  • Sociable weavers live in large haystack-like nests with up to 300 pairs of birds.
  • Rock hyrax (dassies), elephants and dugongs evolved from one common ancestor.
  • A baboon’s tail is not prehensile
  • Warthogs graze on their knees, when alarmed they run with their tail upright, like an antenna.
  • When running, an impala’s stride can measure over 33ft.
  • Wildebeest calves can walk as soon as they are born and quickly learn to run with the herd.

We hope you enjoyed part two of our animal facts – don’t forget to share any others that you happen to pick up.