Self-drive Botswana safari

  • Your own safari – freedom in the wild
  • A heightened sense of adventure
  • Complete flexibility – choose camping or lodges or both
  • Choose where you go and when you go

Self-drive Botswana safari

Botswana is an amazing place to self-drive. The sense of freedom you’ll experience here is wonderful and it is an experience which brings people back time and time again.

This is certainly not for everybody, and to do it you need to be pretty sure of yourself driving in challenging conditions such as mud and sand, and even through water. And you need to be aware and cautious of wildlife, which ALWAYS has right of way. You’ll also preferably need to be a practical person who can find basic vehicle faults and change tyres in the sand for example. Distances are great, and you might be waiting a while for help if you have a problem in the middle of nowhere. Of course emergency 24-hour support is all part of the service. Help will come to you, but if it’s not life threatening it can take anything from a few hours to 2 days depending on where you are!

There are public campsites throughout the country. There will of course often be others in the campsites, and facilities vary but are mostly quite basic (loos and often cold showers). You will have a rooftop tent on the vehicle (a Toyota), and a kitchen and all camping equipment. You’re ready to head off!  If you decide to go to really remote places, we also recommend you taking with you a satellite phone, 50-60 litres potable water storage, 2 spare wheels, 2 batteries, puncture repair kits and a 12v compressor, as well as having a vehicle with extra fuel capacity.  But we’d discuss all these requirements and suggestions with you depending on where you want to go. The other thing you could consider is to take a driver training course before setting off.

Of course if you prefer to self-drive but still stay in lodges or camps, this is fine too. Many people prefer a combination of camping and lodges when available. We will work together to come up with a good itinerary to suit you.

Guided self-drive safari:

pom-pom-game-driveIf you love the idea of this way of taking a safari, but are concerned about doing it alone, we can offer guided self-drive safaris whereby you drive your own safari vehicle, but there is an experienced guide in a lead vehicle or with you in your vehicle. This means that you’ll get a combination of freedom and the excitement of driving yourself yet you have back-up always on hand.

A couple of suggested self-drive itineraries

Botswana self-drive-safari

Elephant Self-drive Safari

15 days from £1,850 pp
An enthralling self-drive holiday including Chobe, the Delta and the Kalahari.

Botswana self-drive-safari

Hippo Self-drive Safari

15 days from £1,850 pp
Drive yourself across Botswana, taking in the delta, Chobe and the Makgadikgadi Pans.