January, 2018

New lodges

Things don’t stand still in Botswana for long.

Each year sees a number of brand new lodges and camps and a host of improvements for already existing ones.

It’s no mean feat, building a lodge in the middle of nowhere. Materials have to be brought in by road when the waters have subsided. Smaller items can be flown in, but the bulk of items come in by road. Throughout the construction phase, those building the lodges stay out in the bush, often for weeks at a time.

Sable Alley Camp

The end result is always worth it. As the finishing touches area added, the soft furnishings and décor completed, the brainchild of the architects and designers comes to life as the lodge opened and ready for guests.
2017 saw a number of new lodges both in the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari. Wilderness Safaris, a name synonymous with the luxury safari experience, opened Qorokwe in the Delta. Gomoti Plains, sister camp to Machaba is a lovely tented camp with a contemporary twist. Rra Dinare, also in the Delta works well with many of the Chobe camps and is owned and managed by the well-established team behind Pom Pom and Chobe Safari Lodge. Ker & Downey Botswana opened Dinaka on the edge of the Kalahari Game Reserve, giving another superb option for this stunning area of the country.

The number of new camps is strictly monitored and controlled, it is important for Botswana to keep the wilderness areas as exactly that, wilderness, and to preserve these pristine environments for generations to come.

Improvements take place all the time too, this can be from a soft furnishings overhaul, to freshen things up and keep the living spaces in a top-notch condition, down to a complete rebuild. Little Mombo was one such camp that received a full rebuild last year. The ‘new’ camp is simply stunning – if you have deep pockets, this could be the one!

“If you build it, they will come” Field of Dreams

Khwai Tented Camp received new guest tents, and now has a more modern contemporary feel. A complete overhaul of the main areas took place to bring it in line with African Bush Camp’s other properties.

So you see, operators in Botswana are not one to sit on their laurels – they keep things moving, ensuring that guests are looked after and enjoy their safari experience.