It’s an ongoing challenge for operators to keep their camps refreshing, stylish, up-to-date, to provide their guests with every comfort and luxury in a natural environment but at the same time, above all, minimize the impact on the environment.


A fine example of rising to this this challenge is Sanctuary newly rebuilt flagship camp in Botswana – Chief’s Camp. The opening of the camp on 1st June, coincided rather nicely with the flood waters arriving at camp.


There are 10 new pavilions and a new suite, raising the bar for luxury accommodation in the Okavango Delta. The pavilions are much larger and more spacious than before and each has a private plunge pool and a tranquil outdoor seating area where guests can relax and take in the incredible views.  Each bathroom has floor to ceiling windows and folding glass doors, and of course there is a spacious outdoor shower which you can enjoy under the stars.


The main areas have also been rebuilt. The décor is ‘safari chic’ style using warm and inviting tones.  There is a new bar, a library, a larger dining room, a fitness centre, a ‘Children’s Retreat’  and a new deck complete with pizza oven.  An innovative addition is an orientation room where guests can learn more about the Delta before going out on game drives and experiencing the area for themselves.


The camp has been built using a local workforce and materials are sourced locally as much as possible. A solar farm has been built at the lodge (one of the largest in Botswana) to help minimise the impact on the local environment.  This solar farm provides the majority of energy for the camp.  Solar panels linked to battery banks allow the camp to use direct energy from the sun and store energy for use at night, so guests have the use of electricity at all times.


Chief’s Camp is consistently rated one of the top safari camps in Africa, this is due to the standard of the lodge and the consistently high service levels on the one hand and on the other it has to be the stunning location Chief’s Island with its abundance of wildlife and beautiful, pristine wilderness. Chief’s Island is located within the famous Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta, known as the ‘predator capital of Africa’ and together with the outstanding game-viewing,  this all makes for an ultimate safari experience – achieved while still taking the impact to the environment into account and making every effort to minimise this and keep the magnificent natural resources available for future generations to enjoy.