Come to Africa!

When you have acquired a taste for the dust,
And the scent of our first rain,
You’re hooked for life on Africa,
And you’ll not be right again.
Until you can watch the setting moon
And hear the jackals bark,
And know they are around you
Waiting in the dark


When you long to see the elephants
Or hear the coucal’s song,
When the moonrise sets your blood on fire
Then you’ve been away too long.
It is time to cut the traces loose,
And let your heart go free,
Beyond that far horizon
Where your spirit yearns to be.


Africa is waiting – come!
Since you have touched the open sky
And learned to love the rustling grass
And the wild fish eagle’s cry.
You’ll always hunger for the bush;
For the lion’s rasping roar,
To camp at last beneath the stars
And to be at peace once more.


Author unknown.