Delta Highlights in December


December, 2016


Delta Highlights in December

December sees an abundance of new life in the Delta. The protein rich grasses provide ample food for the expectant and new mothers and their young begin to thrive and grow.

The rains become more regular as the month progresses and thunderstorms become more common. The rains bring a welcome drop in temperature, but the days will still be hot and the nights warm and humid.

Mokoro under dark skies. The rains are coming.

photo from Xakanaxa Camp

The lush green grass gets taller and thicker giving the predators some extra camouflage, this is much needed as they are more easily to spot with their lighter coats no longer blending into the surroundings.

“It’s an interesting time.”

Most, if not all the migrant birds will have arrived by now making this a good time for bird enthusiasts to visit with plenty of species to spot and tick off the list.  The vibrant colours of the undergrowth and dramatic skies make for great photos which will showcase the intense beauty of the Delta at this time of year.