Delta Highlights in January


January, 2017

Rainy Season
Green Season

The month of January lies in the middle of the rainy season which brings spectacular afternoon thunder storms accompanied by plenty of rain.

For obvious reasons this time of year is known as the ‘Green Season’.  There is an abundance of lush green grass and foliage and plenty of food for all – from the grazers to the predators, birds to insects.

Elephants grazing in the Delta

At this time of year the migrant birds are at the peak of their breeding cycle. The young of the antelope and zebras born in December are growing rapidly and learning to run with the herd..

“So you see, there is no bad time to visit Botswana – some seasons are better than others, but there is always something to see, no matter the time of year.”

Game viewing is a little harder as the grasses are getting higher and the wildlife disperses as there are more opportunities to find water, however the contrasting colours of the green pastures and the moody skies make for stunning photograph opportunities and the prices are lower too with some excellent specials to be had.