Delta Highlights in November


November, 2016

The Rains

Delta Highlights in November

November usually marks the start of the long awaited rains. After the heat of October, they are eagerly awaited and celebrated when they finally arrive. Both people and wildlife alike look forward to this time of year.

Excitement builds with each rumble of thunder promising, but not always delivering, the first rains. Then usually mid to late November, the long wait is over. Temperatures remain fairly high both during the day and at night but the rain brings welcome relief to the dryness and dust that has been part of everyday life for quite a while.

Chiefs Camp aerial view

Together with the start of the rains the large herds will begin to disperse and seek out new areas to graze and with the rains come seasonal pans and waterholes. This is also the time of year that many animals begin to have their babies. Tsessebe, impala and red lechwe drop their young, and the predators seek out an easy meal – this is the start of a period of abundance
of food for both herbivores and
carnivores alike.

“The Okavango Delta, the world’s 1000th UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest inland delta in
the world.”

For those visiting Botswana on safari, don’t be put off by the potential start of the rains, it usually comes in short sharp burst of rainfall in the afternoon. Visibility is still good as the grasses have yet to grow tall. The landscape becomes greener with each passing day as the new shoots burst through the previously parched ground, and trees in bud make for wonderful photographs rich in colour.