The month of May


May, 2017

Okavango Delta
Attractive prices
Comfrotable temperatures

May is an exciting time in the Delta and one of our favourite months.

The prices are still shoulder season too. Temperatures at night are starting to cool off. Winter is around the corner, so make sure you bring a fleece with you and keep your feet warm with socks and trainers.

.Warm layers are a must for any night-drives to keep the cold air at bay. The crackling fire after dinner becomes a popular focal point. Daytime temperatures are more bearable too, those stifling hot temperatures in the high thirties are a thing of the past.

Botswana after the rains

The flood waters that come down each year from Angola are making their way down through the vast wetlands system that is the Okavango Delta. The rains have finished, though this year they were so prolific that some of the major roads in Botswana have suffered and driving them can be somewhat slower than you might expect.

“A good traveller leaves no tracks”

Lao Tzu

The seasonal water sources are beginning to dry up and the animals start to seek out the permanent water. It’s not unusual to see large herds of buffalo as they group together at this time of year. The same can be said of the breeding herds of elephant. Buffalo invariably attract predators, and the grasses have lost their green hue in favour of more sandy colours offering more camouflage and increasing the chances of a successful hunt.

So with more comfortable temperatures, attractive pricing, beautiful wildlife and landscapes, May is an excellent time to visit Botswana.