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The Abu Elephant Experience

Abu is not just one of the most luxurious safari camps in Botswana’s iconic Okavango Delta – it also offers you the chance to understand the behaviour of African elephants and the conservation challenges they face. Spending time with the Abu Herd will change how you see these remarkable creatures, and your understanding of the need to protect the pristine wilderness areas on which they depend.

Many safari camps will show you wild elephants from the back of a game drive vehicle; at Abu, you can see the African bush through the eyes of the elephants as you walk with the Abu Herd. It’s a unique opportunity to witness how elephants interact with their ecosystem and with each other.

Abu began with the visionary idea of returning previously exploited elephants to the wild in Africa. It has grown to become a centre of elephant conservation excellence. Several members of the Abu Herd have been successfully introduced to the wild, and this provides local researchers with an invaluable opportunity to study their movements on a macro level.

At Abu, it is the elephants’ needs that determine much of the daily itinerary, and through spending quality time with them, guests learn to appreciate the elephant’s individual personalities – from serene, wise Cathy the matriarch to boisterous but affectionate Naledi, and the two newest members of the Abu Herd, Motlotlo and Shamiso. These two young male calves are inseparable, and their playful antics delight everyone who meets them.

Situated in a large, wildlife-rich concession in the Okavango Delta, Abu offers a superb wildlife-viewing experience. Guests can explore the mosaic of habitats that make up the Delta by vehicle or by water, with experienced guides revealing the secrets of this remarkable wilderness.

The romance of Africa – and the magic of elephants – can best be experienced by spending a night sleeping out in the Abu Star Bed. With the star-spangled African sky above, and the contented rumblings of Naledi, Warona and their friends coming from just below you, it’s an opportunity a chance to reflect on your truly amazing experiences as you drift off to sleep…

They say that elephants never forget – and nor will you. Your Abu experience will remain with you forever as one of your most treasured safari memories.


Only available from Abu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana. (Also consider Walking with Elephants at Sanctuary Retreats camps, Baines and Stanleys).


Any time of year.

By Nick Galpine, Wilderness Safaris.

To include this experience in your Botswana safari holiday