Botswana has more elephants than any other country in Africa – fact!


March, 2017






Elephants Galore

The Chobe riverfront, in particular, should be a choice destination for those with a passion for these giant pachyderms, particularly during the dry winter months when huge herds of elephant and buffalo converge upon the river to drink.

An iconic image of Chobe is one of these stunning animals crossing the river at sunset as they move from one feeding ground to the next, it really is a beautiful sight, and one photographers yearn to capture. The dark silhouette of the elephants, against the rich red, oranges and purples of the evening sky is stunning – you don’t even need to be an expert photographer to get a good shot, the subject matter itself is so beautiful and the sunset colours so deep and rich (unless there happens to be cloud cover which can happen, particularly in rainy season).

elephant crossing river

There are plenty of places to stay in Kasane, and options to suit all budgets, from the deluxe Chobe Chilwero and Chobe Game Lodge to the more remote Muchenje Safari Lodge or the popular Chobe Safari Lodge – you may even decide to spend some time on a houseboat on the river itself.

When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers African Proverb

Wherever you choose to stay in Chobe, we can safely say the chances of seeing elephant are extremely high!

Elephant herd Chobe river
Elephants sunset river
Elephant in river
Chobe game lodge river view