FAQs about travelling to Botswana

Q. What is the best time to go to Botswana?
A. It really depends on your main reasons for going. Read our detailed page about this for help.
Q. Is the dry season much better than the green season for wildlife?

A. There’s no right or wrong, but the seasons are very different. Read our information comparing the two seasons.

Q. Is there a ‘best value’ time to travel here?
A. The Green season months are the cheapest months, but if you don’t want to go at this time, the so-called ‘shoulder’ months of (May) June and November are possibly your best months for value as they are cheaper than high season, yet the game is still good. Read our information comparing the two seasons.
Q. Is Botswana a good place to take children?
A. Yes it certainly is, though you need to be aware that it is a malarial area. For a detailed answer, please read further here.
Q. Is it easy to combine Botswana with Victoria Falls?
A. Certainly, this is a common combination. Have a look at our page about add-ons, or perhaps look at this itinerary which is a good overview of Botswana as well as including Victoria Falls.
Q. Why are the waters of the Okavango Delta higher in the dry season?
A. The high waters in the Delta from May to October (dry season) come from Angola. It takes the floodwaters months to reach Botswana’s Delta.
Q. Can Botswana be combined with a beach add-on?
A. It’s not the easiest place to link with a beach, but it is possible.

Mostly you would need to fly to Johannesburg to connect with an onward flight.  You could consider Mauritius, Mozambique, the lakeshore of Malawi, or South Africa.

Q. What’s the best way to get to Botswana?
A. You need to fly to Botswana via Johannesburg. There are then flights to get you up to Maun or Kasane to start your safari.  Alternatively, fly into Livingstone (Zambia) or Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) and enjoy a few days at the Falls before your trip, or at the end.
Q. How do you get around from camp to camp?
A. If you are on a mobile safari you will be driving from place to place in a safari vehicle driven by an experienced driver/guide.
However most people fly from lodge to lodge in a light plane. These planes pick up and drop off at all camps and lodges – a bit like a bus service.  You can charter your own plane if price is not an issue.
Q. How much luggage can I take on the light plane flights?
A. The light places have very strict limits on luggage, and even for passengers. This is all about safety so they do enforce the rules.  Baggage is restricted to 20kgs including ALL hand luggage. The bags should be soft, with no wheels or hard sections as they need to be encouraged into quite small and oddly shaped spaces within the plane.

Please note that if you are travelling to other countries (eg Zambia), this limit might be decreased to 15kgs.
If you are a large person, you might need to ask us about paying for an extra seat as the weight limit per passenger is 100kgs.

Q. Do I need to tip in Botswana?
A. Yes, this is an accepted part of life in Botswana, though it is not obligatory and should only be linked to good service.  We generally suggest about $10 a day for guides and a similar amount to the general tip box to be shared amongst camp staff.