February in the Okavango Delta


February, 2017

Sounds of the Delta
Warm nights
Food and water plentiful

February and the Okavango Delta is full of life.

An abundance of food and water brings this UNESCO World Heritage Site to life.

There is food and water in plentiful supply for all in February, from the fruit bats gorging on ripe figs  to the prides of lion that will hunt down the weakest and most vulnerable.  The rains allow the plants to flourish and butterflies, birds and insects are at their best too.  The Delta is visually stunning and teeming with life.

Delta widlife

The rains continue to fall throughout February, usually in the form of an afternoon thunder storm with dark, menacing and dramatic skies, with a backdrop of lush green trees and grasses.  Now is a time to get some stunning photographs, showcasing the vibrant and contrasting colours.  The nights are warm, in the low 20s and the days can be hot, over 30 degrees but it’s not unpleasant and the wet spells will be interspersed with dry spells at this time of year.

“Africa gives you the knowledge that man is a small creature, among other creatures, in a large landscape”

Doris Lessing

There’s nothing quite like the ‘plink plink’ of the reed frogs at night, accompanied by the noisy hippos whose calls remind me of hearty laughter and always bring a smile to my face.

February is another stunning month in the annual cycle of the Okavango!