Water lilies beginning to flower

As the flood waters make their way down from the Angola Highlands each year, the anticipation lower down in the Okavango Delta builds. It’s an exciting time.  Earlier in the year some areas may have had to suspend some of their water activities due to low levels making it impossible to traverse some of the waterways, but it’s only a matter of time until everything is back to normal again – and that time is round about now!

Mombo camp, Chief’s Island, Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango

Mombo camp, Chief’s Island, Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango

Already the flood waters are past Mombo Island and many camps in the south eastern Delta have resumed activities as normal.


Lion drinking

Water feeds life in the Okavango Delta.   Not so long ago (less than 10 years), the Boteti River and Lake Ngami were dry. Now they are full of water and full of life and are lush green additions to the Okavango Delta – but lower flood levels could change this again at the drop of a hat, so the arrival of the waters and their levels are carefully monitored each year as they continue their momentous journey south.


Grasses beginning to grow

May is a beautiful time in Botswana, the temperatures are moderate and there is very little chance of rain (although we never say never). The skies are blue with just a few clouds, and the tall grasses are starting to die back giving better visibility for spotting the wildlife.  Couple this with the arrival of the flood and we think the Okavango Delta is a piece of paradise on earth.