The Okavango Delta in October


October, 2017

October Heat
Superb Wildlife
Game Drives
Night Drives

October is HOT!

This is when Botswana sees its highest temperatures which are regularly over 40 degrees C during the day and warm nights in the low 20s are the norm.

“Why on earth would I go to Botswana in October?” I hear you ask – well, quite simply for the spectacular game viewing, which is second to none and well worth getting a sweat on for! .

Sable Alley Camp

This month we are nearing the end of the dry season, so the grasses are parched and low, eaten and trampled, the long and lush greenery of February and March is long gone. Water is scarce now too, all the extra watering spots have dried up – the animals know where to find what water is left and that is where they congregate.

It’s best to head out early, when it’s cooler, then spend the middle-portion of the day catching up on a siesta and then head out again late afternoon. If you are staying in a private concession, make the most of night drives, many predators are still active at night as it’s cooler for them too!.

“Collect moments, not things” Ankit Mishra

For superb wildlife viewing, October is definitely a month worth considering, it seldom disappoints. Why not chat to one of our Botswana gurus in the office for more information?