Why is a Botswana safari so expensive?


September, 2017

Private concession
National park

Once you are hooked on the idea of a safari, you will start looking into where to go, what to do, and of course, the million dollar question ‘how much will it cost?’

We often get asked why a Botswana safari seems to cost so much more than a trip to South Africa or even Tanzania and Kenya – what is it that makes it so much more expensive? What are you getting for your hard-earned money?
Botswana follows a philosophy that will keep its valuable assets safe for future generations – they are custodians with a responsibility to conserve and protect the wildlife and beauty of the landscape so that it can be enjoyed long into the future.

Sable Alley Camp

To this end they adopt a high cost – low impact approach. There are restrictions on the number of guests in a concession at any one time, and also for that matter, the national parks. This means there is minimal human impact on the environment and of course, the visitors get a much more exclusive experience. There is a big difference being at a sighting in a private concession in Botswana where there may be two vehicles present, to one in say Kruger where there will be countless vehicles all jockeying for the best spot – the two experiences are worlds apart. Whilst you will see more visitors in the national parks than the private concessions, the numbers will not compare to parks in other countries. It’s a much more sedate, secluded and wild experience.

Many of the camps in Botswana are only accessible by light aircraft and to run such a camp can be a logistical challenge and adds to operational costs. There is a high staff to guest ratio, many of the staff are behind the scenes making things run smoothly, providing a superb guest experience. Supplies, particularly fresh produce have to be flown in on a regular basis and, in keeping with Botswana’s strict environmental policies, all waste must be removed too. Add to this the cost of moving staff in and out as they go on leave, constant maintenance to vehicles, generators, water pumps etc, to keep things running smoothly, the costs of running a remote safari camp begin to mount.

“To travel is to live” Hans Christian Andersen

Ask our savvy sales consultants about ways to see Botswana and not break the bank – it can be done and the experience will be unforgettable. Be warned, it may spoil you for life, and anywhere else simply will not do. Maybe we are a little biased, but Botswana really does offer an unrivalled safari experience, those who have been there already will not disagree!