Is a mobile safari something for me?


January, 2017

Mobile Safari
Participation Safari

Is a mobile something for me?

Mobile safaris come in all shapes and sizes and levels of comfort, from participation to fully serviced.

With participation safaris that we recommend for our clients, your participation starts and ends with helping to erect and take down your tent. Other than that you are free to sit back, relax and enjoy a sundowner as your meals are prepared for you by the cook, who will surprise you with some amazing delights rustled up on an open fire.

Sable Alley Camp

Sable Alley Camp

Photograph by Letaka

If this is still not for you and still too basic, then why not look at a fully serviced mobile safari. With this level of trip your tent, complete with private en-suite bathroom, proper camp beds, duvets and pillows, is set up for you by the staff who travel ahead as you spend time getting from A to B with your guide, savouring the wildlife sightings along the way. A hot shower will be waiting for you, along with delicious 3 course meals served at dinner together with superb wines. You can’t beat a cold G&T at sundown either.

“If there was one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again.” Karen Blixen

So you see, a mobile safari need not mean sleeping in a tiny dank tent, making do with unappetising food and being generally uncomfortable. What it does mean is getting a real down to earth safari experience in the African bush, together with expert guiding, and skilled kitchen staff keeping you going with delectable food. On a mobile safari you will get to see different areas of the country as you travel from one area to the next. There are different routes available through the various reputable companies that we use, so there is bound to be one that covers the areas you want to visit be it the salt pans, the Kalahari, the Okavango Delta or Chobe (or all of the above).

Why not finish off your mobile safari with a few days in a luxury lodge, giving you another perspective of a safari in Botswana – the possibilities are endless.