The month of March


March, 2017

Green season


What happens in March in the Okavango Delta?

As the seasons change March traditionally sees the end of the rainy season, although this year they are having exceptional rains and the waters are high.

The rains are all but finished by the end of this month, and if they have been good this season then there should be sufficient water to see things through until the floods arrive from Angola in a couple of months time.

March also marks the end of summer and the temperatures begin to fall – it is still hot, but by no means as hot as earlier in the year.  With the warm temperatures and an abundance of water, mosquitos are at their peak at this time of year, something to be aware of.


bee Eater

The Marula trees are in fruit, a favourite of the elephants, the mighty bulls wander from tree to tree getting their fill while the fruit is in abundance.  The grasses are still long and the vegetation still dense in March which can make game-viewing more challenging than in the drier months, however, you there are still good sightings to be had.

Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.” 

Miriam Makeba


Some people may be put off thinking the game-viewing is not up to standard in March, but, there are benefits to visiting Botswana at this time of year. The first being price, March is still part of the ‘Green Season’ and if you don’t might searching a bit harder for those rewarding sightings, and if you don’t mind rain showers, then this is a more affordable time to visit Botswana, we don’t think you will be disappointed either.  The landscape is still lush and green and the young animals who entered the world during the rainy season are out and about and finding their feet and running with the herd – it’s still a very exciting time to visit this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Elephants in water
Stork in grass
Elephant marula tree