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The Botswana Specialists parent company, Tribes Travel, has always requested honest feedback from all clients. We post these on the Tribes website, without editing, so you can always find advice from other travellers here. Below are just some of the most recent Botswana reviews, which you can read in full on the Tribes Travel website, just by clicking on the reviews below.

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Mr. Neil Kelly
Date of trip: 26/03/2023
"I had wanted to do a safari holiday for many years and finally got the chance to do it. Well it was more than I ever could have imagined. Truly a holiday of a lifetime, helped in no small measure by thd organisation, guidance and attention to detail provided by Tribes. "
Mrs. Sara Jane Rothwell
Date of trip: 24/12/2019
"Fabulous holiday, all went very smoothly, all pickups were there and transfers on time, choice of locations provided really varied landscapes and wildlife, 8 days was perfect amount of time."
Mr. John Paul Flinn
Date of trip: 28/10/2019
"Surpassed expectations, great camps, great animal experiences , superb organsiation."
Jean-Claude and Belinda
Date of trip: 02/09/2019
"Back in the UK but our minds and hearts are still in Botswana. What a trip! The safari provided us with the best experience we could have hoped for. "
Doctor Philippa Crehan
Date of trip: 31/08/2019
"The holiday was fantastic and far exceeded our expectations, lived up to our dreams. "
Mr. Keith Martin
Date of trip: 31/08/2019
"The safari was amazing with incredible experiences each day. Letaka, deservedly have a very strong reputation and appear to be industry leaders in their respect of the wild life and quality of staff. Our guide Robson has a phenomenal ability to 'read' the landscape as well as the ability to identify any species, mammalian or feathered at great distance. The camping was comfortable if basic. The sites allowed the possibility of amazing encounters without traveling anywhere. The food and support were provided with great skill and good humour by Pula, Message and Johannes. The three day wind down at Victoria Falls was welcome & accommodation there very good."
Mr Michael de Plater
Date of trip: 22/08/2019
"I’ve been looking forward to going to Africa since I was a kid, so it was astounding to have it exceed my expectations in every way. Tracy was a star and every step of the journey was relaxing and smooth. "
Mr. John Beaird
Date of trip: 07/07/2019
"My trip was a blast. Everything was perfectly set up and went off without a hitch. This was my first time working with this company and I will say I was a little nervous , but I had nothing to worry about. Everything was perfectly planned and executed! It was an amazing trip to Botswana. "
Mr. Eric Stelfox
Date of trip: 08/05/2019
"Madagascar was magical and we could easily have spent longer there. However, we would then have missed out on the fantastic camps in Botswana and Zimbabwe. For the first time in Africa (at the fifth attempt) we saw rhinos in the wild and Victoria Fall was not to be missed. "
Rob and Julie Smith.
Date of trip: 07/05/2019
"Our holiday certainly lived up to our expectations. We had a wonderful safari experience and we will have long lasting memories of our time in Africa"
Frank and Jean Rochdale
Date of trip: 04/05/2019
"Yes it lived up to our expectations. The experiences we had were amazing and never ending."
Ms Wendy Avis
Date of trip: 16/04/2019
"It was fantastic, beyond expectation"
Mr. Charles Whiffin
Date of trip: 09/04/2019
"It is always dangerous to build up a holiday in your mind before the event as it is so rare that it lives up to all of your hopes and expectations. No such problems here! We all had a great time and have photos and memories that will genuinely last us a lifetime."
Nicolas Le Moigne
Date of trip: 08/02/2019
"Sinead did a fantastic job organising this trip for us."
Mrs Diane Soames
Date of trip: 25/01/2019
"Superb. Surpassed ALL my expectations, it was a truly magical experience and was all that I had asked for and more. We were immersed in the African landscape which I found surprisingly tranquil and it was amazing to see so much wildlife. I had said that I wasn’t particularly looking to see the ‘big five’ as it was my first safari experience but seeing all those animals and more just made it more special. Tracy from Tribes was excellent with all her suggestions for our trip and her advice and information from start to finish. I am nightly recommending your company to friends and family. Thank you for the most amazing lifetime experience."
Alasdair Macdonald
Date of trip: 25/09/2018
"Overall the trip was very well organised and everything ran smoothly. The minor issues at Chobe Water Villas are relatively insignificant in the scale of things. Everyone in our group had a fabulous experience, with lasting memories. For some the environment was a totally new experience, but the knowledge and experience of our guides proved reassuring."
Ms. Jane Simpson
Date of trip: 14/09/2018
"The trip could not have been better : it more than lived up to expectations. I booked with a certain amount of trepidation : as a old Africa resident of almost 20 years in total, I was torn between wanting to be steeped in its magic again, and being afraid that I could be desperately disappointed. However, it encapsulated the best of nostalgia with truly remarkable care and attention to detail at every stage."
Mrs. Ann Gregory
Date of trip: 14/09/2018
"It exceeded our expectations, the whole experience from start to finish was very special."
Mrs. Elaine Honigmann
Date of trip: 12/09/2018
"It exceeded expectations, as we stayed in a variety of habitats and saw different animals in each location. A great mix of viewing from a vehicle, boat, and on foot."
Mr. Ben Harvey
Date of trip: 06/09/2018
"Once in a life time holiday exceeded all of our expectations."
Mrs Heather Stock
Date of trip: 27/08/2018
"I have had a wonderful time seeing much more wildlife than I thought. It was great to see so many colours little birds as well as leopard and cheetah, lion, giraffe, zebra, elephant, hippo and many types of antelope to name just a few!!"
Mrs Patricia Edney
Date of trip: 02/08/2018
"Our expectations were high and it was wonderful. Nearly everything in the plan went smoothly and we were very well looked after."
Mr. Daniel Auty
Date of trip: 14/07/2018
"Brilliant safari experience."
Date of trip: 13/07/2018
"The mix of Botswana and South Africa made the trip all the more special. Both places provided fantastic and experiences and wonderful memories. "
Mrs. Laura Rumelhart
Date of trip: 12/07/2018
"Perfect - reservations and transfers worked flawlessly, and the camps and lodges exceeded our expectations"
Mr. Anthony Rutter
Date of trip: 18/06/2018
"Yes. Better than expected."
Mr Stephen Miley
Date of trip: 12/06/2018
"Yes excellent trip - excellent organisation - everything worked out perfectly; great variation in the 4 places we stayed (Kalahari, Delta x2, Chobe); beautiful light in June - cloudless every day but not a harsh light for photos. "
Dr Ian Macdonald
Date of trip: 03/06/2018
"Quite splendid."
Mr. Sebastian Cobb
Date of trip: 19/05/2018
"The overall 10 day experience was first class. It definitely exceeded our expectations. Everything from internal transfers, to camp hospitality and guide knowledge was fantastic. "
Mrs Jaqueline Crawford
Date of trip: 01/05/2018
"Just a perfect journey to some great places!"
Mr. Michael Lyons
Date of trip: 04/03/2018
"The staff at all the camps were good but the staff at Sango camp made the holiday I have never met such friendly and humble people."
Elizabeth and John, UK
Date of trip: 09/01/2018
"Perfect for us and even surpassed our expectations"
Mrs. Sylvia Butterfield
Date of trip: 02/11/2017
"Wonderful Accommodation ! Excellent meals ! My son who travelled with me has Coeliac Disease and he was catered for extremely well. We saw lots of wildlife with the exception of Rhinos. There just weren't any ! "
Mrs. Kathryn Gardiner
Date of trip: 21/10/2017
"Amazing holiday with so many memories"
Magda and Rick
Date of trip: 03/10/2017
"it surpassed out expectations. It was just an awesome trip and we have been on a lot of safaris"
Date of trip: 08/09/2017
"Our holiday was absolutely brilliant."
Miss. Judith Senior
Date of trip: 07/09/2017
"Absolutely loved the whole experience (and this from someone who last went camping 50 years ago and hated it!) This was my first safari, but certainly won't be the last."
Emma Cowley
Date of trip: 09/07/2017
"it by far exceeded my expectations. I was completely blown away by the experiences daily. I was a first time, solo traveller to Botswana. I couldn't stop saying 'Amazing'. I felt very lucky to have the experience"
Mrs. Simone Illger
Date of trip: 22/06/2017
"We got to see plenty of Botswana, and Tribes hit our brief in terms of the accommodation and atmosphere that we wanted.."
Mr. Carl Edwards
Date of trip: 08/06/2017
"Every location met or exceeded our expectations"
Mr. Dale Squire
Date of trip: 05/05/2017
"Superb holiday from start to finish"
Mrs. Julia Bell
Date of trip: 22/04/2017
"I have travelled far and wide but I can honestly say that my recent holiday has been the best ever in my entire life. It was a perfect package of wonderous sights, sounds and memories that will be forever etched in our memoiries. I am astounded by the beauty of Botswana, the zest of Zimbabwe and the gentleness of the people along the way. Every day a new adventure unfolded. A wonderful journey. We were spoilt visually and in every way. Truly superb!"
Mrs. Julia Ensor
Date of trip: 09/04/2017
"It surpassed our expectations in EVERY way."
Mrs. Rosemary Stamp
Date of trip: 01/04/2017
"Absolutely brilliant! This was a family holiday for 8-grandparents, adult children and 2 grandchildren aged 11 & 9, to celebrate our 70th birthdays. It was a big financial commitment and so we are so glad that it so far exceeded our expectations. Tracy planned it all immaculately and we are very grateful for her knowledge and experience."
Mrs. Else McMichael
Date of trip: 24/03/2017
"I cannot find fault in any part of the holiday"
Ken Mylne
Date of trip: 22/03/2017
"We loved it. We were looking for a budget trip because we were paying for four people on not very massive salaries, and the mobile camping safari gave us two excellent weeks at an affordable price. Our crew were excellent and managed to find a lot of wildlife despite the fact that after an exceptionally wet wet season there was a lot of long grass and floodwater around, making some places inaccessible and animals harder than usual to find. I would also add that we asked for some extra tailor made travel arrangements so we could spend extra time with our daughter where she is living out there and then transfer to the start of the tour, and all the arrangements worked perfectly. "
Mrs. Janet James
Date of trip: 20/03/2017
"Really enjoyed the holiday. The representatives who met us where extremely helpfull and all of the places we stayed could not do enough for you."
Margaret Lovett
Date of trip: 10/02/2017
"Excellent planning and all ground arrangements went smoothly. Anastacia met us both times we were at Maun to make sure we were OK. The trip was trouble free and we enjoyed it immensely. Going in the Green Season was a good decision for us, it lived up to our expectations, the Kalahari section was a particularly stunning experience."
Mr. Campion
Date of trip: 17/10/2016
"Well organised from the outset with pre-travel information reflecting the experience of the Tribes team. Every stage of the trip linked seamlessly with the next, and the Tribes Agents were helpful and efficient. The Safari experiences surpassed anything we expected, especially at the Kanana Camp. The light aircraft flights with Mack Air were professionally and efficiently operated."
Date of trip: 18/09/2016
"We had an amazing time and many adventures that we will remember forever! If you haven't done a trip like this it is quite hard to know what to expect but all the way through we were well looked after and any questions we had were answered. "
Mrs. Judith Taylor
Date of trip: 12/09/2016
"Fantastic in every way !! Tongabezi surpassed everything! Wildlife in Botswana was incredible. "
Mr Adrian Townsend
Date of trip: 07/09/2016
"Exactly what we expected and hoped. Okavango Delta in the raw as the brochure describes!!!!"
Mrs. Diana Nelson Salamat
Date of trip: 19/08/2016
"We travel a lot but this was probably one of the best holidays we have ever had. It exceeded all our expectations "
Kevin Robinson
Date of trip: 31/07/2016
"A short but very relaxing break that was packed with animal sightings. "
Doctor Ramakant Jena
Date of trip: 11/06/2016
"Real Tailor made as it says."
Maggie and Tom
Date of trip: 02/06/2016
"The trip got off to a poor start with rail/air travel and lost luggage problems but this was soon forgotten in the excitement of the experience and the friendliness of the people."
Date of trip: 26/03/2016
"It surpassed our expectations. We had a wonderful time. It just got better and better. At each move we were anxious that we might be disappointed because the last bit had been so good but Footsteps Camp was just a wonderful way to finish."
Mr. Rumpelstiltskin
Date of trip: 05/10/2015
"Most of it exceeded expecatations. A few small things need tweaking."
Mrs.Julie Houston
Date of trip: 26/09/2015
"Exceeded expectations"
Mr Andy Smith
Date of trip: 03/09/2015
"A wonderful adventure, not a lazy holiday but we expected that. We had close encounters with lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffalo, nearly all the ungulants, and even saw wild rhino at a distance."
Mr. Mike Gormley and Mrs Jean Gormley
Date of trip: 02/09/2015
"Our trip was a bit of a complex one with many links, pick ups, flights, transfers, border crossings and a section to a self arranged destination. Planning was a bit of a challenge. It all worked perfectly with absolutely no issues what so ever. If ever there was a trip which had opportunities to go wrong this was it. It did not. Our only travel issues were after the Tribes content when we got to Heathrow when transfer bus failed to arrive and train was full and so had to sit on the floor !!!! Not a great welcome back to England !"
David W
Date of trip: 10/08/2015
"A truly memorable and informative holiday which far exceeded expectations. "
Mrs. Tracy Heazel
Date of trip: 19/07/2015
"Everything bar one transfer was exactly as expected and we had a fantastic holiday"
Mrs. Kathleen Miners
Date of trip: 16/05/2015
"Test case"
Mr. Peter Deer
Date of trip: 07/04/2015
"The arrangements all worked very well and the holiday itself was one of our best. The staff at the lodges were very friendly, as were the guides who were all very knowledgeable. The only thing we had to complain about was the tea and coffee on the BA flights! "
Mrs Janet Van Den Berge
Date of trip: 25/03/2015
"Weather apart (it was unseasonably wet some of the time) the people, places, fellow travellers and of course the animals were all great and I really appreciated the variety of places in the itinerary."
Mrs. Sandra Phipkin
Date of trip: 15/03/2015
"The holiday was fabulous and exceeded expectations!"
Iain Balch
Date of trip: 22/02/2015
"We had a 13 day holiday to the Kalahari, Okavango Delta and Chobe Elephant park in Botswana and finished our holiday by the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We had spent a lot of time with Amanda to make sure it suited our needs as we both have medical problems. The holiday was superb, each area we visited was excellent in its own right and totally different from the previous. We went in the green season accepting it would rain but it only rained twice, once early evenng the other overnight. So we had warm but not stifling weather and saw lots of wildlife. The organisation was excellent and although we were going from camp to camp we were always looked after until the next camp or plane took over. Our dietary requirements were always known and alternatives provided. Overall it was a first class experience that will stay with us forever. "
George & Jaki Kennedy-Copeland
Date of trip: 26/11/2014
"A wonderful trip, with a great variety of experiences. "
Mary Hughes
Date of trip: 26/06/2014
"It surpassed my expectations. An excellent safari. We saw wonderful things."
Mrs. Janet Hetherington
Date of trip: 31/05/2014
"We had a lovely time thank you. It probably exceeded our expectations. The wildlife was amazing and the people are all so hospitable and helpful."
Jennifer Cox
Date of trip: 12/03/2014
"Fabulous holiday - wonderful lodges, exceptional staff and wildlife, guiding and viewing."
Karl Brueckner
Date of trip: 12/10/2013
"Overall, it was an amazing experience. All the details were handled & we did not encounter any glitches in our schedule, itinerary. "
Mr. Simon Mortimer
Date of trip: 07/08/2013
"Overall this holiday was amazing. We kept using the words 'Wow!' and 'Amazing'. Bushways travel were fantastic. All arrangements were in place, staff were professional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout. It certainly lived up to our expectations, in fact it exceeded those expectations. It really was a fantastic experience, living up to that 'holiday of a lifetime'. A great adventure."
Ms. Christine Chapman
Date of trip: 27/06/2013
"It exceeded our expectations on every aspect. We loved Botswana and Victoria Falls. A truly magical destination, fascinating landscape and for us, good bird watching. We counted (anoraks that we are) 102 different bird species with a lot of help from our guides and fellow travellers."
Paul Coleman
Date of trip: 17/06/2013
"The holiday was beyond our expectations. So much wildlife. Good Safari tour co. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. "
Date of trip: 29/05/2013
"It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It also surpassed our expectations, even after all the research we'd done of the places we were going and staying!"
Mrs Rebecca Bissell
Date of trip: 11/05/2013
"Our honeymoon was fantastic, we loved Botswana and all of the camps we went to were special but also all different. We didn't want to come home and can't wait to go back!"
Allyson Burt
Date of trip: 18/06/2012
"A wonderful introduction to the safari experience."
Ruth Samways
Date of trip: 01/06/2012
"Never expected to have had such a worry-free trip. Could not have had better service or treatment wherever I went. Whole trip exceeded expectations."
Anthony Brimson
Date of trip: 14/08/2011
"Amazing trip with excellent game viewing and wonderful lodges. No problems with transfers, pick-ups etc. In our view perfect time to visit both countries in terms of climate, water level on Falls and in Delta etc."
Barbara McKenzie
Date of trip: 30/06/2011
Joseph Clive Fletcher
Date of trip: 01/04/2011
"Clint and the lads were first class as on our previous trips. Safari content, execution and food were second to none."
Derek Gilbertson
Date of trip: 07/11/2010
"No-one at Gaberone to pick us up. Pointless paying for Breakfast at hotel as the flight leaves too early for Maun. Yes the hotel tried to charge us for the room on check out,but at check-in confirmed it was all paid."
William Read
Date of trip: 30/10/2010
"The whole trip exceeded my expectations in nearly every way. "
Ian Furbank
Date of trip: 26/09/2010
"Everything worked! Flights, connections, transport, greeters, food requirements and general organisation went like clockwork. We never had one moments concern about the organisation behind the holiday."
John Ponsford
Date of trip: 16/09/2010
"Overall a most enjoyable holiday with a wide range of animals and birds. All the travel arrangements worked well and the various camps were very comfortable and coped with our varied dietary needs."
Susan Bryant
Date of trip: 10/09/2010
"Brilliantly organised holiday, all venues exceeded expectation, transfers worked like clockwork despite complicated schedule .Had an amazing holiday. Many thanks to Tribes & Hannah!"
Anthea Chester-Master
Date of trip: 26/08/2010
"We had a lovely holiday, thank you. Everything was well organised and the lodges/camps each had something unique to offer."
Michael Webster
Date of trip: 13/07/2010
"We always give our safaris a 'mark' out of ten when we return from a trip. Out of twenty or so that we have now been on none have scored less than eight. This trip was a resounding ten!"
Jennifer Chantler
Date of trip: 04/06/2010
"It was planned as the holiday of a lifetime and it was!"
Clive Fletcher
Date of trip: 30/10/2009
"One of the best holidays I've ever taken."