Evelyn Feiersinger

Evelyn Feiersinger

General Manager for Sanctuary Retreats – Chiefs Camp


My name is Evelyn Feiersinger.  I am the General Manager for Sanctuary RetreatsChief’s Camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. The Okavango Delta is a world heritage site considered to be one of nature’s master pieces, offering an insight into one of Africa’s truly great wilderness areas.

I am a citizen of Botswana by birth. I pride myself to be one of the custodians and ambassadors of the country.

Being the continent’s longest continuous multi-party democracy country, visitors feel safe to come to Botswana. The warm and welcoming nature of Botswana people, stability of the government and economy, wildlife are major contributing factors drawing visitors to the country.

Botswana acknowledges and believes strongly that natural resources (Minerals, Water, Soils, Veld Products, Forests, Ecosystems and Wildlife) are a great resource to the country, as such should be treasured and protected at all costs. Conservation became one way of identifying the need to save the vanishing Rhinos’ in the 90’s. It was through this initiative that the Rhino breeding programme was formed. This led to Rhinos being re-introduced to their natural wild environment. Apart from predators, the endangered African wild dogs, general game, flora and fauna, to date, the Okavango Delta boasts of many black and white Rhinos.