Goitdimodimo Mosarwa

Goitdimodimo Mosarwa

Mokoro poler at Stanley’s camp – Sanctuary Retreats


My name is Goitdimodimo Mosarwa. I am 31 years old. I live in Maun. I am a mokoro poler – also known as a specialist guide.

I started doing poling at village called Boro in 2007, in the NG 32 area. I was taught by my uncle, Moitshep Mosarwa, who is a professional guide.

Botswana is chosen as an African Safari destination because it has beautiful nature and lovely people, lots of animals and flora.

The visitors enjoy Botswana because they like to see the wildlife. Everything I tell guests is what I was told by my grandparents; guests are amazed by the knowledge I share with them.

I started working for Sanctuary Retreats in 2009 and was employed as a poler. I love Sanctuary Retreats because it has changed my lifestyle at Boro.

It is important to make eye contact with guests and provide an informative briefing.

My favourite spot in Botswana is the Okavango Delta. I like the Okavango Delta because lots of people come here to see our beautiful country and what we have to offer tourists as well as getting to view some old wooden mokoros and doing some animal activities like the elephant interaction.

When doing the mokoro activity, we show fauna and flora like frogs, flowers, fish, birds, crocodiles, hippo and crocodiles. We do this activity in shallower waters due to safety reasons.