Keoagile Budulala

Keoagile Budulala

Guide for Uncharted Africa Safari Company


I am a safari guide – Taking guests or tourists on a safari, to explore nature discovering untold facts about nature learning from what I see with the experience and observing things that are happening in each moment and analysing every moment.

Looking at the aspect of geology, ecology and evolution all that gives my specialty. Choosing Botswana for an African safari, looking at Botswana is still undiscovered in some areas.

The past ten years tourism in Botswana increased making the country one of the best wildlife places to visit and very unique. Botswana is one of the countries with high level of welcoming people coming to the country putting unity and peace at large. Visitors enjoy the beauty of game viewing in Botswana, and they get the whole experience which leads them to have a story to tell.

Looking at some areas that are untouched gives everyone that comes here a true feeling of African experience, from culture, history and game viewing, all this makes Botswana a wonderful place to visit giving visitors a time to relax and release the pressures from their daily lives

My favourite spot would be Okavango Delta, the reason being it has game bird life and the ecosystem gives life that is happening within water and outside water, and that in all gives a unique experience.