Ngande Shimwe (baba)

Ngande Shimwe – Baba

Desert & Delta guide at Savuti Safari Lodge

My real name is Ngande Shimwe but at work I am known as Baba. I was born in Gumare in North west part of Botswana along the Okavango Delta. I joined Desert and Delta Safaris in 2009 and I have been guiding for six years in Savute Safari Lodge. Savute Marsh and Jackal Island is like my second heaven. They are my favourite areas because that is where magic sightings happens. If I have not taken my guests to those places it is like I have not done my assignment.

For me I feel so privilege to work in a place like Savute, one of Botswana s most dramatic game viewing regions. We have seen the Savute Channel dry and flowing, and the impact this has on the region is amazing. From intense battles between lions and hyenas to vast herds of elephants and buffalos we get to see on the Savute Marsh .

You can meet our wonderful guiding team on the Savute movie but we hope to share this incredible region with you when you visit our lodge.