Pharaki Ngoro

Pharaki Ngoro

River bushman for Nxamaseri Island Lodge

I am a river guide at Nxamaseri Island Lodge in the Okavango Panhandle.

How long have you been doing what you do?
12 years

Why choose Tsodilo Hills for a Botswana experience?
It is one of the most special places in Botswana. It is a piece of our culture and is best viewed at Tsodilo.

From your point of view what do guests enjoy most about visiting Tsodilo Hills?
I think guests mostly enjoy the visual aspects of Tsodilo and the colours of the rocks and the paintings. They also really enjoy hearing about the lives and the culture of the Bushmen that lived there, and to better understand their past.

What do the Hills mean to you and why?
It is a place where I feel closest to my ancestors and it allows me to share my history and culture with the people that come to visit us. I also get to learn about my history and it reminds me about where I come from.

Where is your favourite spot in Botswana?
It has to be Tsodilo!