July, 2017

Big 5
Little 5
Ugly 5

Botswana is home to the Big 5

But that’s not all – there are two other groups of ‘5’ that you might not have heard of…..

We’ve know all about the Big 5, these mighty beasts are a draw card for many safari destinations, but did you know the phrase Big 5 was originally coined by hunters as these 5 animals were considered the most difficult and dangerous to hunt? Nowadays the phrase is used as a term to encapsulate these ‘must see’ animals.

Sable Alley Camp

The Big 5 are: African elephant, lion, leopard, Cape Buffalo and rhinoceros.  None of them are shy and retiring, but all are a joy to see in their natural habitat.

As well as the Big 5, there is also the Little 5 who are named after their larger friends. The Little 5 are: Elephant shrew, lion ant, leopard tortoise, buffalo weaver and the rhino beetle. It may be more difficult to tick these little ones off your list.

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And, if you thought that was all, you would be mistaken.  There is also the Ugly 5 – it’s true! The Ugly 5 is made up of the marabou stork, hyena, wildebeest, vultures and the warthog. Taking this lot into account it’s easy to see why they came up with the name Ugly 5.

So there you have it, the big, little and ugly five!

If you would like to see some of these delightful animals and birds, why not drop us a line and our experienced travel consultants can put together a trip to remember.