What is the dry season?


October, 2018

Dry Season
Green Season

The dry season beings end of March/beginning of April.

The rains have stopped and the land begins to dry up. It doesn’t take long for the lush green grasses to die back and then the dust begins to fly. The heat builds up each day until it reaches its’ peak in October, the hottest month in Botswana, when temperatures can reach the mid 40s°C.

Reading this, you might wonder, why on earth would anyone want to visit Botswana in the dry season? Well, read on, and we’ll explain.

Sable Alley Camp


Wildlife needs water for survival, where there is water there is wildlife. In the green season, water is everywhere so the animals disperse and have a wider area to roam. In the dry season, water is more limited and only permanent water sources such as rivers, lagoons and larger waterholes remain, this is where the animals will congregate – and they do!  Chobe and Linyanti in the north see thousands of buffalo and elephant, a superb sight. In Savuti, as the remaining waterholes shrink, there are often dramatic encounters as animals come to drink and run the gauntlet, even when predators are in the vicinity.


The Okavango Delta floodwaters are surprisingly at their best in the dry season. This is because they are not fed by the rain water that falls November to March, but by the floods which come all the way down from Angola and begin arriving in the delta about May, they dry up again around October. This is the best time for mokoro and boating activities in the Delta’s waters.


As the grasses die back and the trees lose their leaves, there is less shade for the wildlife and also less cover for them to hide in. It’s easier for us to find wildlife and also see them and hopefully capture them on camera. Walking safaris are also better in the dry season as the long grasses are no more, making it easier to spot any predators that may be lurking.

“You don’t have to be rich to travel well”                     Eugene Fodor

Prices may be higher in the dry season, but a Botswana safari will rarely disappoint. We do recommend you book early for the dry season as this is the most popular time to visit

We covered the Green Season in an earlier post – if you would like to read it, click here and you can compare and contrast and decide which season suits you best – they both have their plus points. Alternatively give your knowledgeable sales consultants a call or send an email and they will be able to help you and plan the perfect safari, just for you!