Our top travel tips!


December, 2017


What essential items would you take on your travels?

Here at Botswana Specialists we’ve done our fair share of travelling so we thought we would share some of our helpful tips with you.

Sometimes, long haul travel can be quite draining – we’ve put our heads together in the office and come up with a few things that might make it a little more bearable and also listed some of those ‘must have’ items. Some of the suggestions might seem a little obvious, but sometimes, those can be the most overlooked…

Sable Alley Camp

Sunglasses – particularly if you’re heading off to sunny climes. I have been known to forget my sunnies, and be frantically searching for the perfect pair to buy at the airport. They are a must have item, in fact one of our consultants never travels without a spare pair either!
Travel Pen – these are those great pens that write in any position, upside down, on your lap, in fact anywhere – worth their weight in gold.
Antiseptic wipes – fabulous for spills, sticky messes and just generally making sure any surfaces where you might put food are clean and germ free 😊
Rehydration Salts – these are a great to have with you when you are travelling – don’t wait until you get ill, stay on top of it, feel great and enjoy your travels.

Multi Adaptor – with modern technology advancing every day, you might find you travel with more electrical items than you thought possible, they all need plugging in at some point. Rather than having to take/buy various different adaptors, opt for a multi-adaptor – save valuable luggage space.
Portable charger – whilst we are on the subject of technology, most of us travel with a phone or a tablet these days, often using them as a camera too – nothing worse than running out of battery at a crucial wildlife sighting – portable chargers are worth their weight in gold!

Travel Insurance Number – here’s a great tip from one who travels a lot. Always load the 24 hour emergency telephone number for your travel insurance into your phone. You never know when you might need it.
Lip balm – this is a must for hot dry climates, cold climates, aeroplanes, in fact, just about anywhere.
Book – you never know when you might be waiting around so it’s always nice to have a book to dip into so you can while away a little time.

“Oh, the places you’ll go” Dr Seuss

UK Tea Bags – last but by no means least, one of our consultants loves his tea so much he always takes his own tea bags. Tea bags are light, don’t take up much room and it’s always possible to get some hot water to make the perfect brew!

So there you have it, some top travel tips from the Botswana Specialists Team – if you have any tips,l we’d love to hear them.