The Tsodilo Hills rise up from the flat landscape of the Kalahari.  The rock formation is both captivating and mystifying. They  have a history steeped in spiritualism and were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001. The rocks are home to about 4500 rock paintings, and the best way to see them is to take to one of the walking trails together with a San Bushmen guide. Go early morning at sunrise, or late evening at sunset to get the full effect of the rising or setting sun on these special, mesmerising rocks.

Luke looking at Rock art

There is strong evidence to indicate that the earliest human occupation of Tsodilo Hills occurred in the Middle Stone Age. Take time to soak up the atmosphere and learn how these hills are sacred to the San Bushmen people of Northern Botswana and are adorned with over thousands of ancient paintings. These paintings are naturalistic and schematic in style, and have a variety of geometric symbols. The guide will explain the thought processes of the San Bushmen and how their rock art paintings came about. The San Bushmen believe that it was from the backs of these hills that people first came to earth and for them it is one of the only places one can reach the Great God in the Eastern sky.


If you would like to visit Tsodilo Hills, ask one of our expert consultants and they will be able to build this into your tailor made itinerary.