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Wild Dog Safaris:

African wild dogs can cover vast distances in a day’s hunting, and they are fast. This makes them one of the harder species to track. In recent years they have been very few in number, and whilst they are still endangered, their numbers are rallying currently. This means that it is becoming a little easier to spot these fascinating creatures.

Watching wild dogs is always interesting (unless they’re all asleep!).  They have complex social interactions such as when they awake, they go around and greet each other, and when they get a kill there is a strict order of which dogs get to eat first so that older dogs get first chance at the softer parts of an animal. They are also very playful creatures, just like domestic dogs, and it’s a joyful experience watching them at play.

Once you’ve found the dogs you will usually manage to spend a decent amount of time with them, but it’s finding them that’s the hard part!

As with all game viewing in the wild, sometimes it’s just luck, but if you’re really set on seeing them you might want to set off with a guide and tracker and enjoy the adventure of seeking them out.  Such a safari can be really exciting, with the sense of anticipation building and making the actual experience of finding them much more enjoyable than simply stumbling on them.  And if you get the chance to follow a pack when they start to hunt, hold on to your hats!  You’ll be bumping fast through the bush as you try to keep up with these speed merchants and it’s really exciting.  On the downside I must admit that watching a wild dog kill is more unpleasant than with most other predators which mostly kill their prey before starting to eat.  However you don’t have to stay around to watch that hard part of life in the wild.

All in all, tracking and watching wild dogs has got to be one of the most rewarding wildlife safari experiences in Botswana, and it’s not one to be missed.


The best places in Botswana to get a chance of seeing wild dogs are the Linyanti Reserve (particularly Kwando Reserve) and Moremi Game Reserve.


You could see wild dogs at any time of the year, however it tends to be easier to see them when they are denning or have new pups. As they most frequently den from about June, then stay near the den for at least 3 months, June to September is a good time. Really though, you could see them in any month.

by Amanda Marks, director of Botswana Specialists

To include this experience in your Botswana safari holiday

Holidays that include this experience:

  • Falling for Wild Dogs >
  • You stand a chance of seeing wild dogs on other trips, but the above safari gives you a particularly good chance

Key lodges for a wild dog safari:

In Kwando Reserve: Lagoon and Lebala Camps.

Any of the camps in/near Moremi, such as:  Xakanaxa, Camp Moremi, Camp Okuti, Chief’s Camp, Mombo Camp.

Also whilst camping in the Moremi on a mobile safari.