Is Botswana the perfect safari destination?


April, 2017

Big 5

Why choose Botswana?

The question many tour operators get asked is ‘Where’s the best place to go on safari?’. ‘Is one country better than another?’

The answer to the second question is ‘probably not’ but they each have their own nuances and strengths, which leads back to the first question. If you have boxes that need ticking when planning your trip, then Botswana will most probably tick most, if not all, of them.
Botswana is home to the Big 5 and considered one of the most pristine wildlife destinations in Africa. They have long been advocates of conservation and looking after what they have for future generations to enjoy. Whilst historically Botswana has operated on a low volume – high return tourism module, more and more mid-range and budget accommodation is becoming available. Don’t think of it as a high-end luxury destination available only to those with a high disposable income – it’s not.

Elephants with baby

Botswana no longer allows commercial hunting safaris, the only shooting on safari is done with a camera and you should have ample opportunity to get some fantastic images to take home with you. Some safaris are geared completely towards photographers, budding and expert alike and provide vehicles with special equipment and cameras so you can hone your craft. As well as lodge safaris there is also the option for the more adventurous to join a mobile safari or even enjoy a self-drive safari.

“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” Richard Mullin

The Okavango Delta is possibly Botswana’s biggest draw card and will feature on just about every Botswana itinerary but there are many exciting and enticing options that you should also consider. There is, of course, the magical Central Kalahari Game Reserve that is well worth a visit for its beauty, wildlife and the San people. The Thuli Block is very different from other parts of Botswana and whilst its location makes it awkward to combine with a Delta holiday, it fits perfectly with a South African Kruger itinerary. Those interested in history should visit Tsodilo Hills, home to thousands of ancient San rock art, this is a site of historical importance in the Delta panhandle. Chobe is home to the largest concentration of elephants in the whole of Africa and in addition, it’s just a stone’s throw to the spectacular Victoria Falls.

In a nutshell, Botswana is the perfect destination when you are thinking about a safari.